How much does a bread bowl cost at Panera?

How much does a bread bowl cost at Panera? From cheesy breads to green salads. From gluten free foods to chocolate cookies. The chain has about 1,800 locations across the world. It is a publicly traded company.

Panera Bread Menu Prices.

Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Cup $4.29
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Bowl $5.29
Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup Bread Bowl $5.29

also What is you pick two at Panera Bread?

Select any two of the following: Cup of Soup, Half Sandwich, or Half Salad (along with your side choice of chips, an apple, or a French baguette).

What is a bread bowl at Panera? Crafted from the same artisan Sourdough bread used in the classic Bread Bowl, the Double Bread Bowl features a crunchy crust and chewy center that pairs perfectly with all Panera soups, from sweet Creamy Tomato to the cheesy goodness of Broccoli Cheddar.

Can you buy just a bread bowl at Panera?

This is a huge development because it means you can buy the Panera soups and mac & cheeses (or make your own version!) and plate them in a bread bowl just like they do at the restaurant. All you have to do is make your own, soup-sized hole in it.

How much is a dozen cookies at Panera?

Panera catering menu consists of breakfast items, sandwich assortments, salads, boxed lunches, soups, beverages, sweets, and sides.

Panera Bread Catering Menu & Prices (Updated: November 2021)

Food Size Price
Pastry Ring $8.69
Petite Cookies 12 Pc. $4.99
Half Dozen Bagels 6 Pc. $6.25
Baker’s Dozen Bagels 12 Pc. $9.99

What is the most popular salad at Panera?

1. Classic with Chicken Salad. As is, the classic salad with chicken is the best option for those watching their weight. With only 300 calories and simple ingredients like chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions, this option leaves you feeling full and satisfied without any of the extra calories and fat.

What is the healthiest thing to get at Panera?

The healthiest things to eat at Panera Bread

What sandwiches does Panera Bread have?


What is the most popular soup at Panera?

Most Popular Items at Panera

Can you get soup in a bread bowl to go at Panera?

The bread bowls are baked just once per day, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Still, should you order after noon and before about 4 p.m., you’ll stand a decent chance of getting today’s soup in a bread bowl.

Are the bowls at Panera good?

Grain bowls are one of the easiest and most delicious meals out there. … The Baja bowl is fresh and a little bit sweet, thanks to the delicious salsas in it. It gets a little big of creaminess thanks to the Greek yogurt and just makes you feel healthy after you’ve eaten it.

Does Panera Serve soup in a bread bowl?

Savor a warm and hearty bread bowl filled with Panera Soup or a delicious dip at your next get-together.

Are bread bowls bad?

Basically, while you’re safe ordering a bowl of fresh vegetable soup at Panera, you can’t say the same if you convert that into a bread bowl. You’ll be looking at major calories. … The bowl, by itself, has 200 calories. As lovely as sourdough bread is, it’s not too great for your waistline and health.

What is included in a Panera boxed lunch?

BOXED LUNCHES Your favorite lunch item packed in its own box and labeled for your convenience. Served with your choice of sandwich, salad or half salad and sandwich, plus a freshly baked cookie. Your choice of any Premium Signature, Signature or Cafe Sandwich served with potato chips, a pickle and a cookie.

How much soup is in a Panera Bread Bowl?

If you love Panera bread bowls, you should know that you’re getting just a cup of soup (8 ounce) inside your bowl of bread!

How much is Panera’s Pizza?

With prices starting at $7.99, the pizzas will feature crispy dough finished on a pizza stone and topped with “delicious and clean ingredients,” the company said in a press release.

How can I eat cheap at Panera?

How to Save Money at Panera Bread

  1. Sign up for MyPanera Rewards.
  2. Refer friends to MyPanera.
  3. Don’t forget your birthday!
  4. Buy discounted Panera gift cards.
  5. Sign up for the Panera email newsletter.
  6. Go late.
  7. Buy the meal deals.
  8. Go small.

What should I not order at Panera?

If a manager says to avoid the soup, then you should probably avoid the soup.

Why is Panera mac and cheese so unhealthy?

Mac and Cheese

Ordering a large bowl will fill you with almost 1,000 calories, more sodium than you should have all day, 15 grams of sugar, and a whopping 61 grams of fat. No amount of protein—or cheesy, rich taste—is worth a nutrition label like that!

Does Panera still have a secret menu?

These days, the secret menu no longer officially exists — at least according to Panera Bread. Of course, you can still order these secret menu items from most Panera locations, you’ll just have to tell the staff exactly what’s in each item.

How much is a soup and sandwich combo at Panera?

Panera Duets Value Menu Starting at $5.99

These classic combinations bring together some of our most popular menu items, all for $5.99 in most locations, and never over $10 no matter where you order. Each Panera Duets value meal includes a half portion of a classic salad or sandwich and a cup of soup.

Does Panera still have bread bowls?

Baked fresh daily, Double Bread Bowls will be available each day while supplies last.

Does Panera still have chicken tortellini?

Conversation. Dear #Pasta Lovers: Chicken Tortellini Alfredo Pasta is now available.

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